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Company Culture

The story behind DataSnipper

Our Roots

DataSnipper was founded by Maarten Alblas, Jonas Ruyter and Kai Bakker in 2017. They discovered that audit work involves many manual and repetitive tasks that could be eliminated by intelligent automation directly in Excel. DataSnipper was brought to life to transform Audit and Finance professionals' lives; literally. Just as DataSnipper’s software brings delight to auditors' hearts, the company strives to establish a culture where work is combined with fun and freedom.

More Reasons to Apply

DataSnipper provides plenty of perks to ensure employees’ growth and satisfaction

We Empower Audit and Finance teams

We make every Audit and Finance professional in the world more successful and impactful. That’s what we do; we see them as our main source of inspiration, in everything we do.

We Rise to the Challenge

We love a healthy dose of ambition. Driven as we are, we truly get things done. We don’t shy away from a challenge, we look it in the eye.

We Adventure Together

Combining "Gezellig" with impressive performance is at the heart of DataSnipper's culture. We sacrifice our personal goals to achieve our common goals.

We Keep Things Simple

We focus on what truly matters. Relentlessly removing what’s not essential. Strongly combined with pragmatism to make real impact.

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Cool facts about DataSnipper’s team


come to office by bike


join our Friday drinks


plants at our offices


different nationalities

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