How We Hire

Your journey from a Candidate to a Colleague

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Our application process is very similar to starting a new and healthy relationship! There will be phone calls, sit-downs, conversations, and a spark involved. Below is the hiring process to become one of DataSnipper's team, each phase could be tailored based on the role you are applying for.

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Application Process

We hire people who are good at what they do. But just as important, are ready to contribute to our culture as we grow.


Getting to know each other

For real though, why are you choosing us and why should we hire you? We would love to see your true self, to learn more about you beyond just an application form, we believe in you if you believe in yourself! This is the best time for you to know who we are, what we do, and all about our big plans.


Going beyond words

This is the stage where we go beyond words; you get to put your skills in action and show us that you can actually do it. We want to assess your capabilities and expertise required to succeed in the role. This can be a live technical assessment, a case study, a presentation or more.


Conversation with the CEO

Here, you will be offered the chance to know DataSnipper’s story through the CEO’s perspective; the motivation, the struggles, the milestones and where it all started. We want you to walk out of this conversation absolutely convinced that this is the right company for you, and that you are the best fit for us.


Offer and onboarding

You'll start off with an onboarding program designed to get you ready, where you will learn everything about our teams, how we work, our workflow and more. In addition, you will be assigned an onboarding buddy; who will make sure you get everything covered!

Any Last Questions?

You’ve come to the right place for information

Question 1

Do you have a remote-work policy?


We like to enable our people to work in ways that suit their working styles, which is why we have a hybrid-working model; you are flexible to work from home or in the office. We expect you to come to the office at least 3 times a week for collaboration and team-building. Pros are good coffee, free lunch, and an inspiring day with your colleagues.

Question 2

Can you tell me more about DataSnipper’s product?


DataSnipper is an intelligent audit platform within Excel that improves the speed and quality of audit. You can check our website to know more.

Question 3

Do you organize teambuilding and social activities?


Whether it’s about a Karaoke night, a Padel match or even a teambuilding trip to a nice island, our social committee will have already read your mind and organised it for the whole company! We have a dedicated committee that consists of creative and outgoing employees who will make sure you’re having the best social experience at DataSnipper.

Question 4

Do you have any environment-related activities?


At DataSnipper, we’re not only changing auditors’ lives, we are keen on shaping a better future for our planet too. Thats why we are committed to giving 1% of the annual revenue directly to non-profit organizations, whose focus is to help an environmental cause.

Question 5

Do you offer any kind of transportation support?


At DataSnipper, we encourage everyone to come to the office by bike; not only you will have the full Amsterdam experience, but it is also more sustainable and environment-friendly. However, If you live more than 10 kilometers away from the office at Weteringschans, we can help by covering the expenses of your public transport subscription.

Question 6

How long does the application process take?


Not to brag, but we can be as fast as you need us to be! On average, we are able to go from application to job offer in a couple of weeks, depending on various factors, like your availability, how quickly you submit your assignment and where you live.

Question 7

Do you get back to candidates even in rejection cases?


Don’t worry! We will never leave you hanging; we take pride in following a fast and simple application process.

Question 8

What is your dress code?


Whatever you feel like. We don’t have a dress code (neither for interviews nor daily basis). So, make sure to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident.We hire people who are good at what they do. But just as important, are ready to contribute to our culture as we grow and evolve together.

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