Marketing and Growth

The ones who shape and drive the brand of DataSnipper

About the Team

Our Marketing and Growth team is responsible for our global brand and driving growth across every step of the funnel. Understanding our audience is key, providing them with the best personalized experience by all means. They ensure that DataSnipper’s voice is as clean as our product and known across the globe. Simplicity in action.

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Behind the Scenes

To work with the Marketing team is to work with creative, empowering and inspiring leaders. You will see the team always having conversations about how to push for new limits. Working with the marketing team requires a high level of collaboration and effective communication as we closely work with other departments to provide our clients with the best solutions, improve their overall experience and bring our vision into life.

A Glance at the Team

Joshua Ogugua

Senior Content Marketer

Viky Pryyomska

Senior Designer

Bas Willems

VP of Marketing and Growth

Prajna Unikkumarath

Product Marketer

Dongni He

Event Marketer

Arkadiy Kondrashov

Head of Demand Generation

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